Monday, 23 November 2015

The Eternal Doll.

It was their first visit to Baltimore after marriage.
Ed and Lauren were couples who made it to marriage after a long 7 years relationship. They were excited as any couple would be to celebrate "moon" with lusty "honey"-'honeymoon'. Their love for each other was as true as scary night with creepy screams. It was preplanned to just cut short the rush hour searching for hotels here and there. Well dramatically the name of hotel was "Sequendevil" whereas flashing devil and rest was just flashed off due to the lighting being old.
Hotel was sober with wooden interiors show casting cracks in order to represent it as an antique and old of its kind. The dusty looks given on the frames of windowpane made it look even more realistic. Ed was satisfied with the hotel as he was fond of things related to history but it was just opposite in case of Lauren as she was not happy with the aura present there , she could feel the  unpleasant smile present there as someone was whispering in her ears " Good luck , you didn't made it here it was me " . Lauren just shagging her head didn't bothered much as she thought she was jet lagged after a 17 hrs long flight.
          They got up early morning in order to explore more of the city and to roll out every penny from each crevice and corner as every couple would do. Exploring city made Ed to an toy shop as he was an extreme toy collector. Surveying many dolls and artifacts he's eyes got stuck to a doll which didn't had an eye.
    "A doll with a single eye" this thoughts ran through his mind and urge to have that doll in his collection was at apex. Ed enquired about the history of that doll to which he came to know this doll was owned by Tim Bart , yes Tim ,  the owner of Hotel Sequendevil who died 3 decades past the line. He died in an car accident along with his daughter who was just 7 years old and it was believed the bond between the doll and his daughter was too immense to be broken.
                  This was the same hotel in which Ed and Lauren were about to stay for a week. Ed thought why not gift this doll to the present owner of the hotel as a return gift for the quality service they provided.
             Coming to the doll , it was an one of its kind toy with blonde hair puzzled in such a way which gave a glimpse of blood vessels. Single Dark brown eyes with red blood vessels ruining the cuteness of it and paving it as a nightmare. It had a red line reaching cheeks ; believed to be marker but who knows it could be blood either. Mouth was kind of open vast as she was trying to swallow the whole cruel world in it.
                Ed took the doll and returned with Lauren buying some other stuffs too. It was a evening which they both will cherish till eternity.
               Ed and Lauren as and when returned to hotel a dog started barking with full of zest as he could. He was so tall to be compared to a beast. Well Lauren was very learned as a dog trainer so managing this situation wasn't harder for her. She somehow mesmerized the dog but his red eyes and wild clinched tooth spoke a different story. Manager came running to see if Zeus hadn't harmed his customers , yes Zeus the dog , but was amazed to see him playing with Lauren. After having a short talk with manager Lauren came to knew that Zeus once showing his cruelty harmed Tim Bart's daughter to which he was punished so wildly to be seen friendly again.
                Ed and Lauren went to their room followed by Zeus as he developed affection for Lauren . Providing him some milk and biscuits Ed and Lauren started whispering about dinner.
             Zeus got his ears straightened as soon as he got the smell of something nasty and creepy surrounding him. After going near to the golden box in which the doll was placed Zeus started howling which isn't the common case with dogs. Ed was tensed to see this behavior of Zeus and couldn't resist himself from kicking Zeus out of the room in no time.
             After dinner Lauren went to bed as she was bit tired from today's chores, but Ed was busy in his novel reading habit which got a breakdown when he felt something sliding his palm on his shoulders , Ed turned back to wish 'good-night' to Lauren but surprisingly Lauren was still in bed which turned his face pale and confused. Ed neglected it thinking it was just his imagination and considered it as result of play he watched at horror street.
            The act took an serious outcome when simple act of sliding hands over shoulders took an turn of pulling his legs down over bed which chilled Ed and he was shivering as his blood ran cold. He could feel something evil , some mysterious powers were eager to harm him down. He couldn't sleep the whole night and spent whole night sitting in his chair and just kept staring the golden box , yes the box with the doll.
           The next day he talked about this with Lauren and she took it in an funny way just to make him calm down but it was of no use. Zeus entering in the room sat quietly with no joy as usual and stared Ed till his curiosity got an end. Ed was not much happy with this concern of Zeus for him. The same thing happened for the consecutive two days , Zeus kept staring Ed and he was clueless as usual. He always asked his inner mind what Zeus is inquisitive about.
            Later that night as Ed was on his table he heard Zeus howling in pain as if he was in need , as someone is trying to harm him , Ed ran towards the corridor as fast as he could but was shocked to see the cruelty on Zeus , his eyes couldn't believe what he saw , Zeus was dead , he was no more , his ribs were just a shower of blood with intestines hanging in pain, it seemed someone killed him with  determined intention , jaws could be hardly recognized , he was crushed , attacked by someone having rotting nails made to kill , Zeus was buried the early morning leaving everyone in horror.
           The next day Ed was terrified and was in a state that he was trying to hide himself in the darkest shell he could but was clueless about the situation he was going to face. Lauren when was taking rest in noon after lunch she could hear someone scratching wooden box , that irresistible voice couldn't let her sleep , that voice peaked with time , this time Lauren got chills when she noticed a shadow of a doll with an only eye in the mirror confronting her , she ran towards Ed and asked him in an scary tone that do we got a doll in our room? To which Ed didn't uttering a word pointed towards the golden box , Lauren wasting no time opened the box and wait the doll was nowhere to be seen , seeing this Ed and Lauren were choked , they ran short of oxygen , trying hard to survive they just made out of the room and planned to leave Baltimore as soon as possible.
               After convincing themselves that it was just their imagination they started packing , they rolled whatever they could and just paved their ways to exit. Lauren waited for Ed in the corridor but wait as soon as Ed tried to escape the door slammed "boom". Lauren was terrified she ran to bring whatever help she could but was helpless. She was just banging the door shouting 'Ed Ed'.
         Ed could hear a voice coming from the mirror but he was terrified to hear the same voice from the spot where Ed use to sit and Zeus used to stare him for hours. Ed understood that Zeus wasn't staring him but the evil power he could see and was helpless in conveying his message. Ed just felt a bright light everywhere and was thrown up in air to the other side of the room , he felt someone is pushing rotting nails inside his chest and covering his mouth which still made Ed shout so loud to speak his pain. His ribs were disrupted , chest wasn't a close body anymore it was transparent till now, blood covered the dusty windowpanes and floor was red allover.
          The door opened by itself and Lauren rushed into room to safe Ed who was already sleeping forever. Lauren was in paranoid state ,she didn't even looked at Ed after seeing the intestines hanging ,  she couldn't utter a word , she couldn't cry , windpipe was soaked in terror. She in anger decided to throw that golden box out of the window but wait how was that possible?
       Doll had both the eyes stuck at her place! How's that possible , the very next moment she turned towards Ed and what she saw was unbelievable.
        She cremated Ed with just legs and hands remaining the only body parts and of course a single eye.

Don't forget to look for monsters under your bed!
                                              -Prince Tiwari



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