Sunday, 8 November 2015

Adorable Beauties of Humanity.

It was a blazing month of june with its hot trails of winds.
                 Tanya as usual took an auto-rickshaw to get along to her college which was not so far. In 15 minutes she stepped the borders of canteen with her jovial friends reserving a seat for her as usual. It was a day filled with smile on her face as she was the one to top the college with an influential 95% in semester I.
                 The day ended well enough to cherish everyone to meet new alumni and friends in college.
she was on her way to home while being chased by Gaurav (a local goon) as she was pretty and was a good reason to be someone else's desire. It was not a matter of cocern for Tanya as she was not harassed till date.
                  Tanya was little tensed when Gaurav started following her on her route to home. Tanya gasped and gathered all her courage and asked Gaurav in an inquisitive voice that why he was behind her. She asked "what do you wish for"? To which Gaurav replied "you".
                  Tanya was shocked to hear such a reply from Gaurav. Lust for her could be clearly seen in Gaurav's eyes. After a month of chase when Gaurav was exhausted while struggling hard to get over her , now Tanya was his biggest enemy as he developed grudge against her as he was rejected a TON times.
                  Gaurav now chose the way of proving his enmity which was just beyond a person's imagination.Gaurav threw a liquid (ACID) at Tanya's face when she was about to enter her college, she was in drastic pain till Manoj heard her voice and gathered all of his friends and could make help available for Tanya.
                     Manoj was a local resident near college and was a student of college too.He was a good human being at heart and always keen to help others. His good nature made him apart from the crowd.
                      Tanya after being discharged from hospital was in deep shock after taking her glance at an mirror.Tanya's half of the face was disrupted and burnt which told a different story of her beautiful face which was few weeks ago.
                       Manoj developed a soft corner for her in his heart for Tanya as he was impressed by the dedication she showed to make her way to college daily. Manoj came to know about more good qualities of Tanya beacuse of his friends with whom he used to spent most of his time.
                        After a month's patience Manoj somehow managed to reach her and said "you are beautiful wanna befriends?" in the presence of whole crowd. Tanya slapped her which was quite acceptable as she felt humiliated and thought he was making fun of her and was doing it for amusement.Manoj didn't utter a word and left with no emotions of being insulted.
                        A day later local goon Gaurav turned up and planned to hit Manoj as he was the only helping hand for Tanya who helped her during her Acid Attack so he was of the intention to make Manoj realize that never interfere in someone else matter. Gaurav after hitting Manoj with a hockey stick ran away leaving him half-blooded to which Tanya was the only evidence .
                         She uttered to herself that after being so well built and high at fitness why such a person could bare such goons; her streak of thoughts got a break through when she heard what her ears couldn't believe. She heard two of the men talking to themselves that "how a blind man could defense for himself".
                        These words were enough to bring Tanya on her knee and was crying in disguise. She couldn't believe that she slapped a person who was blind and was not humiliating her outer appearance but was appreciating her inner soul. She ran towards him and managed to get him to the nearest hospital.When Manoj regained his consciousness he started crying as he heard Tanya crying.
                         Tanya gave a peck on his cheeks and whispered "yes,friends". Manoj was in the health of pink after hearing this and both gained trust in humanity after this.

                                                                                                                             -Prince Tiwari

P.S:- This blog is about short stories about life.
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