Friday, 27 November 2015

Just Another Day.

Bed tea just arrived on time when Mark was about to land his feet on silk mat. A maid monthly paid $1000 (sarcastically more than an engineer) was holding tray for him with a smile to make anyone's day better.
                 Mark Waugh was rated by Forbes as top 4 entrepreneurs in the world having net worth of around $740 billion. His mansion was 6000 acre spreading all over Las Vegas which was more popular than Vegas itself. He maintained 24 royal luxury cars in his garage and four choppers just added another charm in it.
He's love was Limousine in which he traveled most of the time. He was the only son so enjoyed all the money and royalties as well.
               After a quick bath 12 servants holding his wardrobe were waiting for him in a queue. One holding an Armani coat , one with a trouser and all other with accessories of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and et cetera. His mansion could be compared with storehouse of gold without another thought. All the walls , dining table , chandelier everything seemed to be gold plated or maybe gold itself. Mark paved for breakfast and was super excited for $100 billion deal which could increase his rank in Forbes list too.
                He lived alone so talking with one another so called member of mansion ; maids and servants was just a formality though. Deal was at 4:00 in the evening so Mark decided to have fun till then.
              He was invited as a chief guest in Vogue fashion week which was a course of  prestige for anyone. Owning thousand of casino's in Vegas was just another cherry on cake for him which he did to entertain other's and to entertain others.
              Mark was well built , fair , handsome , and just the opposite gender of inamorata. Jennifer Lopez invited him for a date and what else you would expect from life?(well after that paradise was acceptable too). He even dated Selena Gomez which was just another chore for him. Mark in his Lamborghini went to the destination where deal was going to be held , but wait what the hell!  Mark forgot his file at his mansion ! How could he forget such important file? Would this bring an downfall in his Forbes ranking list? Would this degrade his repo in Vegas? Many thoughts coursed through his veins.
               He was stressed but relaxing his mind called his chopper to come all the way....chopper was on time . Mark after many arguments and promises won the deal and signed the deal ,  as he was just undertaking the cheque a voice echoed which was just another nightmare for him....

    "Mark, Mark ,  get up you are already late for school"
Mark:- Mom , just cause of you I lost another $100 billion deal ,  and both busted out in laughter.

P.S :-  Dreaming without imagination is a bird without wings. 
           You have to dream , before your dreams can come true.

                                            -Prince Tiwari

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